Friday, February 23, 2007

Just once...

wouldn't it be nice if things just worked the first time?
So I decide to install Trac on Ubuntu. First time installing Ubuntu, but lo and behold, it just installed and worked. So far, so good.

Then its time to install Trac. Good looking instructions. Looks like a no-brainer, which is good, because I am not in the mood for a 10 hour poking-around-all-over-the-damn-internet-looking-for-the-magic-missing-driver crap that I have had to do in the past with Linux. (I love linux, but you have to admit...)

So I issue my first terminal command:

sudo apt-get install trac libapache2-svn

and I get

"E: can't find trac' (not an exact quote, but you get the drift)

The solution was easy (after a google search, of course...), but just once...